Signature Rewards can only be used with online purchases and may not be redeemed at our store locations.

Your benefits

How it works

Turn points into savings!
Earn 1 point for each dollar you spend.
50 bonus point for creating your account. Turn your points into Rewards cards, Discounts, or use towards product purchases.
Free! No fees. No gotchas. Use your card to pay for future purchases or give them as gifts.

What are points worth?

Earn points with every dollar spent online. Reward points are only issued with online purchases and will not be awarded with phone or walk in sales. Each dollar spent point earns 1 point. Each point has a value of 1% for an active dealer account. Additional bonus points can be earned based on purchases and promotions.

**example based on 1% standard dealer

PointsRewards Card amount

How can I see the "pending" points that I've earned?

Your pending points will be visible on your account page up to 24 hours after your order ships.

Do reward points expire?

Reward points expire at the end of the calendar year December 31st.

How do returns impact my points?

When you return items, the points you earned for buying them are deducted from your account.

Which purchases earn points?

All merchandise purchases made by an individual will earn points. Gift Card purchases, taxes, and shipping fees do not count toward point accumulation.

How do I redeem Points?

When you log into your account your reward points will be displayed on your account page. Here you can click redeem to see a list of available products to use with your points or choose to receive a gift card to use towards a purchase.

You may also use your points to purchase products directly with your points on the product page.

You do not earn points on discounted items price.

In other words, let's say you earn 1 point for every dollar spent; the item/order is $100, but the you were given a $20 discount, so you only paid $80 for the item. Therefore, you are awarded 80 rewards points after the discount.